SEACAM underwater housings

"Precision is not a lasting phenomenon but rather the continuous striving for perfection."

According to this principle we would like to show you in the following chapters why this is so and assist you in utilizing your photographic possibilities to the maximum.

Tradition, standard and creativity are closely linked notions. Innovation has been the result and the driving force behind SEACAM´s progress for many years. Years of hard work have brought forward ideas and inventions in order to now offer you the highest quality

Be it the Superdome, the optical coating, the interchangeable viewfinder system or silver, the unique surface technology. SEACAM has been dominating as a valuable investment for more than a decade.

Innovations such as the FMP Fisheye Macro Port, SEAFLASH, the intelligent underwater flash or the unique SAFETY LOCK system are only a few of the examples brought forward by our masterminds today. Follow our innovations.

The SEACAM silver housing is adapted perfectly for excellent user comfort and feels naturally perfect and safe in your hands.

All features are comfortably operated. The ergonomic arrangement of the shutter release and the front and back adjustment wheels together with the viewfinder system ensure fatigue-proof and relaxed operation. All functions are sensitive and with zero clearance. This makes a precise and easy release a matter of course.

The two display windows allow clear view of the monitor and the quick control of all function settings. Everything is exactly where you would like it to be and where it should be. These exquisite ergonomics were developed in years of experience and present the optimum in user-friendliness.

For the creative use of modern cameras the SEACAM silver features all necessary and sensible transfer options. We consciously omit functions that don´t make sense under water in order to receive a clear functionality.

In order to use your camera perfectly under water we have chosen the size, depending on the model, to achieve neutral buoyancy under water. This is the pre-requisite for a calm and fatigue-proof camera work. You will profit from the convenient, light and easy handling of our devices and our clear SEACAM functionality will convince you.

In order to make your housing watertight, SEACAM uses only best quality precision O-rings without any expanding behavior. With up to a fourfold assembly of seamless O-rings we secure your housings securely and reliably.

The inside is lined with black fiber flocking avoiding optical reflections and protecting your camera from spray water when opening the housing.

Our titanium SAFETY LOCK with mechanical protection guarantees an unlimited longevity and shuts the two housing shells with a tension force of 60kg each. Placed on the inside and secured by a fourfold O-ring seal they remain dry and protected from any kind of dirt. A special construction avoids a crushing of the main O-ring. Your SEACAM silver - secured like a bank safe.