Kurt Amsler, Photographer, Diver and Environmentalist

Kurt Amsler, born in Wädenswil on Lake of Zurich, Switzerland, has always led a life in and around the water. At the age of nine, he was captured by the idea of breathing underwater after reading a book by diving pioneer and marine researcher Hans Hass. Emulating his father, he then trained at the school of art in Zurich to become a photographer - with the ulterior motive to combine his profession with his passion of diving.




Until today, Kurt Amsler has been fascinated by the underwater world and is considered a master of his trade in underwater photography for more than 40 years.


As a professional underwater photographer, he received over 100 awards in international photo contests and won the CMAS world championship. His countless reportages for renowned magazines and newspapers worldwide helped to bring the marine world closer to the readers.


 Kurt Amsler considers the highlight of his career to be his work as a cameraman with Hans Hass on the documentary "The Maldives – Paradise Transformed" in 1985 and as a filmmaker and author of various books, Kurt Amsler is now very renowned internationally. His two action-packed TV broadcasts about the Wreck of the "Jura" in Lake Constance, the exploring of the deep caves of the source "Orb" of the Vaud, Jura Switzerland are stunning. His books covering the subaquatic realms titled " Maldives" and "Caribbean" received one the highest international honors with the "Prix Mondial du Livre d’ Image Sous Marine".

To pass on his advanced knowledge to others has always been Kurt Amsler's philosophy. Thus, he is teaching all levels of underwater photography in his "Underwater Photo School" at the French Riviera and recently also in webinars, accordingly adapted to the new media.

During all these activities, Amsler is always keeping an eye on the environment. His organization "SOS-Seaturtles" has been fighting to preserve this endangered species for over two decades. His pictures and films and also specific campaigns on site have helped to prevent thousands of animals from being slaughtered.

By lucky coincidence, Kurt Amsler has now been living in Bandol at the French Riviera for many years, only 300 meters away from the small cove where Jacques Cousteau had tested the first autonomic diving gear, the "Aqualung", in 1943.

"My jobs as an underwater photographer do usually not take me to tropical lagunes and clear, warm waters. It is often necessary to push yourself and the equipment to the limit. Tricky expeditions, five-hour dives and the approach into the depths of a cave system do not allow technical troubles. The operational reliability must be guaranteed and concerning design and visual appearance, the SEACAM equipment leaves nothing to be desired. SEACAM housings, flashes, the elaborate accessories and the reliable service are the perfect tools for me to turn ideas into exceptional pictures."